Jo-Ann is a woman of so many talents, generous and brilliant.  The best accountant I have ever worked with.  She straightened out our tax issues from prior accountant errors and organized our finances and tax planning as a true collaborator and friend to our business. It is a privilege to work with her.

-LC, December 2023

Thank You so much Jo-Ann!!! You were incredible to deal with. Very much appreciate all you did for me.

-CR, August 2023

Thank you so much for helping us to rectify the situation that has been a nightmare for 12 years.

-SH, July 2023

“Many thanks to Jo-Ann for successfully resolving our erroneous $115K tax liability.  As always, her efforts are greatly appreciated!”

-BH, July 2022

“I have the IRS cooperating with those OICs thanks to your webinars and advice.”

-AL, December 2021

“I appreciate you very much – I give you 5 gold stars!”

-Suzanne, April 2021

“Thanks Jo-Ann for all your work for us! This is a great result!”

-RT, February 2, 2021

“Thank you so much for your diligence on my behalf.  Having gone through all my email correspondence about my taxes I’m struck by what an idiot I’ve been allowing so many months to elapse without getting answers from tax professionals (repeatedly).  I have no one but myself to blame, but now that I’ve experienced how you work, I know how a true professional is supposed to conduct themselves.”

-SB October 11,2019



“Amazing how you adapt and make things happen! That’s great”.

-Joe September 24, 2019

“Jo-Ann is a tax genius with many letters after her name than I don’t quite understand what they mean, except that one of them earns her the right to be called one of “America’s Tax Experts.” She is also one of the most compassionate and supportive people I know; regularly donating her time and money to the AHA, JDRF, and many other organizations. She has a history of being active in women’s rights events and received the NAACP’s Frances Hooks Award for promoting diversity. She is also the Vice-president of NAWBO’s South Jersey chapter.”

-Lisa S. Feb. 7, 2019

I had the privilege of working side by side with Jo-Ann for the 2018 filing season. When you engage Jo-Ann’s services, you are getting far more than the standard work product that so many others provide. She treats every case as if it is the only case she is working on. Jo-Ann ensures that all work she performs is at the highest standard possible and is properly documented in an organized fashion. If there was to be any inquiry about the work or decisions that were made, the information is easily and readily available to answer questions. Jo-Ann is also extremely dedicated and detail-oriented. She is very knowledgeable, takes pride in her work and has the highest ethical standards. I very much enjoy my time working with Jo-Ann.

– Erin Mandato – August 10, 2018

I have known Jo-Ann Weiner in a professional capacity for over five years and as her assistant for over two years. Jo-Ann does a fantastic job working with the general public in her capacity as an Enrolled Agent. She is able to connect with her clients and relate to them on a personal level the manner in which she will proceed with their matter. Utilizing her 30 years of experience and expertise Jo-Ann is able to resolve the issues that the average consumer cannot resolve on their own. Her dedication to her clients is outstanding and anyone in the unfortunate position of needing her services due to financial issues with the IRS will be in the best financial position possible when she has remedied their account.

– Jane – February 7, 2017

I want to thank you for your time and knowledge in providing me feedback with the tax audit that I’m working on.  I really appreciate it to the full extent.  From your suggestions, I was able to persuade the auditor on accepting a lower balance.

– LB – October 11, 2016

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